Direct approach (or sourcing) is often necessary when searching for rare talents. It makes it possible to reach out to professionals who are not actively on the market.



• Experienced and international pool of researchers
• Flexible research costs adapted each client
• Worldwide candidate networks
• Customizable deliverables (progress reports, etc.)

Multi-criteria research

Our researchers lead multi-criteria research projects daily and identify the best passive candidates on the market.


Webtracking has become an important complement to calssic sourcing. We use all available networks (global & regional) such as LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing, Plaxo… aswell as the leading CV databases.


Our database allows us to cross check previous research assignments to build up market mappings.

Sourcing process

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
Step 1

1/ Client briefing. Job and profile definition.

2/ Drawing up a research strategy

3/ Defining the research target (target companies, industry segments, regions…)

Week 1

Step 2

1/ Identification of potential candidates (no contacts taken at this stage)

2/  Delivery of a detailed progress report (name, title, professional experience, etc. for each identified contact)

3/ Client call to define the research target based on this longlist

Week 2

Step 3

1/ Approach and qualification of the candidates by phone

2/ Client presentation

3/ Progress report on a weekly basis

Week 3 to 5

Step 4

1/ Client interviews and debriefing

2/ Reference checks

3/ Support with the candidate offer and transition


Industry segments

Functional expertise

General Management

Sales & Marketing Management

Technical & Industrial Management

Support Functions
(finance, supply chain, HR, IT…)

(renewable energy,
food safety,
ERP, financial markets…)

Other solutions

Market study

Compensation study

Business contact identification

Database management


Weekly update call

For an optimal process, we advice a weekly call with the client in order to follow the interviewed candidates and their progress in the process. This also allows us to re-orient the research strategy if needed.

Monthly meeting

This meeting is a more in-depth discussion on the ongoing research assignments in order to strengthen the partnership and to align our research strategy with the client’s vision.

Progress report

The progress report, created with the client, provides a detailed follow up on each assignment (candidate flow and integration).

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