About us

Candidate sourcing experts

Founded in 2006 in Paris, ADEO Research supports European recruiters in their candidate sourcing process.

The recruitment market is going through deep changes and generates new demands for small & medium businesses aswell as multinational companies. We provide innovative solutions structured around clear concepts: reactivity, coherent fee structures, and quality of service. We focus on the essentials: identification and initial qualification of rare talents.

The increasing level of expertise expected from executives and the resulting skills gap generates a talent shortage across many industries. This requires to surpass the existing recruitment options. Our experienced team uses effective tools to lead multicriteria research assignments, in short timeframes, in order to identify the best candidates on the market. Each assignment becomes a comprehensive market study, covering a precise population in a given industry segment, ensuring the best possible selection.

Combining more than 20 years experience in candidate sourcing, we demonstrate a deep knowledge of all industries at European and global level.


Client commitment
Putting our client at the heart of the process makes us a result driven team. Our solutions are flexible and easily adapted to our clients’ need.

Ensuring an equal research quality even in short timeframes and in various industry segments.

Striving to provide high quality results, combining our experience with innovative tools, going beyond webtracking research.



Founder & Managing Partner
Founded Adeo Research in 2006 after a 12 years experience in executive search with AT KEARNEY and later DELPHI Corporate Research. Anne graduated from the ESG business school in Paris.


Partner, International Projets
Joined Adeo Research in 2006 . With a French/Swedish background, Thomas develops Germany, BeNeLux and the Scandinavian markets. Thomas holds a Master’s degree in Modern Philosophy from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Elodie BEGAT

Senior Researcher
Joined Adeo Research in 2010.
Master degree in Labor Psychology from the Jules Verne / Picardie University.
She started her career in HR within the CARREFOUR group.

Elise Cosquer

Senior Researcher
Joined Adeo Research in 2015.
Master degree Multilingual Communication.

Support team

Maximilien de Boyer

Guillaume Pignol

Antony Green

Hannah Laurens

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