Adeo - spécialiste du recrutement de cadres dirigeants et d’experts de haut niveau par approche directe ciblée.

Our Services

The method

We specialise in recruiting executives, senior managers and high-level experts through targeted direct approaches.

Sourcing as performed by ADEO research is based on a robust process covering the identification and pre-qualification of all target profiles for a position, whether they are declared job seekers or, much more often, invisible candidates who turn out to be open to opportunities.

Our direct approach sourcing generates a list of potential candidates, in the form of progress reports, listing all the profiles approached, their qualifications and motivations. This is known as a long-list. This process stops just before the face-to-face interview phase and does not include the constitution of a short-list of selected candidates, which means that our customer receives all the profiles identified. In this way, they can also get an idea of the state of the market.

Thanks to this approach, we can offer our clients a qualified choice of target profiles from which to find their ideal recruit.

Our expertise

Talent hunting is often the only way to unearth rare skills and valuable know-how; co-optation, job posting and traditional recruitment firms can quickly reach their limits when it comes to these very specific profiles.

Our sourcing process has several phases:


Analysis: In particular, it enables us, during discussions with our client, to establish the relevance of the hunt for the target position, to understand effectively the challenges of the business sector concerned, to define the framework of our intervention with a list of companies within which to hunt, and to refine our approach strategy.


Launch: we use high-performance digital tools to identify the best profiles in the target market and map them out.


Approach: we then use a comprehensive multi-channel approach to contact profiles quickly.


Transformation: A thirty-minute discussion enables us to assess the expertise and interest of the person we have identified. The professionals approached do not become ‘’applicants‘’ until after this stage, and sometimes only after the first interview with the client, their motivation really coming to the fore after this first direct contact.


Executive summary: finally, we send our client a weekly report on our work in the form of a progress report summarising the details of the actions taken and the profiles successfully approached. We work in complete transparency with our clients, for whom we are in the first place business partners.

  • « Most people don't know what they want until you have shown it to them. » ( Steve Jobs )
  • « Most people don't know what they want until you have shown it to them. » ( Steve Jobs )
Adeo : format mission. Un poste et un profil clairement identifiés, une localisation précise : il s’agit de prospecter les talents du marché local et régional répondant aux critères de notre client.

The ‘Mission’ format

This formula is the most usual and concerns a single need.

A clearly identified position and profile, a precise location: the aim is to prospect for talent in the local and regional market that meets our client’s criteria.

  1. First of all, we set a scope of action so that we don’t have to worry about the mobility of the people we call upon. Our priority is to target local and regional profiles, before extending our search to a national or international scope if necessary.
  2. We then target all companies operating in the same or a related sector of activity.
  3. Finally, we approach all the professionals likely to meet the requirements of the position to be filled, whether they have the experience or the potential.

The ‘Vivier’ model

Building up a pool, i.e. a pool of profiles that are fairly close to each other, is a particularly appropriate approach when our client has several requirements for which the target profiles have similar business expertise, or are located in the same region.

This is particularly the case when structuring a team, undergoing strong growth, expanding significantly in a market or facing a shortage of talent in a given geographical sector.

The ‘RPO’

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We operate both from our offices and on site at our clients’ location. The RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service is particularly relevant when it comes to solving a one-off urgent or high-volume recruitment problem. Our clients benefit directly from our identification and direct approach tools for all or part of their needs.

Its recruitment team can therefore concentrate on processing incoming applications, interviewing and selecting candidates, while ADEO research is actively working on presenting alternative applications to those received in reply to job adverts.

Guidance and support

at every stage of the assignment

As each talent identification issue has its own characteristics, we help our clients to choose the best possible scenario.

We adjust the size of each system and the resources involved to combine efficiency and economies of scale.

We always offer our clients the most appropriate approach.

We meet at least once a week to review current projects, any difficulties faced, solutions found, new talent sourced, and so on.

For all these reasons, over 1,000 satisfied clients have trusted us since we started out.