Impact on society

We are convinced that Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of growing and helping people and organisations to grow towards sustainable development. Our deliberate efforts to contribute to sustainable development are reflected both in our activities and in our relationships with our stakeholders.

Adeo - Durabilité

Our commitment to sustainability

In our own modest scale, we are making efforts to minimise the environmental impact of our operations: less business travel, more video conferences, a hybrid remote working model set up for our employees, paper printing reduced to the strict minimum and limiting our waste.

Adeo Notre impact

Our social innovation initiatives

We promote field initiatives launched by our teams, in particular to take part in social actions aimed at the most disadvantaged communities, in partnership with non-profit organisations and local voluntary associations.

Notre responsabilite envers les parties

Our responsibility to all stakeholders

This applies first to our teams, with whom we organise regular discussions to put their career development and personal development on the agenda. This includes quarterly reviews of their professional development, aspirations and training needs.

Client service is also the centrepiece of ADEO research’s operations, so we take the time needed to listen to each and every one of our clients so that they feel truly listened to and understood, and so that our actions always reflect the attention we pay to our discussions.

For example, we organise regular feedback sessions, which are conducted with a sense of detail and transparency, so that we are always in line with their concerns and can adapt our services as a result.

Ethics: everyone’s business

Ethical business practices are reflected in the relationship between people we advise and support. Our job requires us to protect the interests of both client and applicant. We cannot discriminate on any grounds other than competence when recruiting. It is also our responsibility to provide impartial and independent guidance.

We make it a point of honour to respect and live up to these ethics. The success of our mission and the satisfaction of our clients depend on it.

  • « Power is given only to those who dare to bend down and take it. » ( Fiodor Dostoïevski )
  • « Power is given only to those who dare to bend down and take it. » ( Fiodor Dostoïevski )

Our solidarity initiatives

We want the meaning of our action, ad eo, going towards, to also be turned towards others, towards the most disadvantaged, and towards society.

That’s why every year ADEO research commits its team and financially supports a number of causes close to its heart :

Enfants sans Cancer’ fundraising race organised by the Imagine for Margo non-profit organisation. We’ve been a partner of the event for several years, and use the occasion to collect donations to support research into paediatric cancers.

Every year, in co-operation with the Maison de la Vie Associative et Citoyenne in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, we organise the gathering of ‘solidarity Christmas boxes’ containing food and healthcare products for people who need them most.

Via Reforest’Action and more recently Tree-Nation, we compensate for the carbon footprint of our business travel and the personal travel of employees during their annual leave by making a financial donation for tree planting.

For our team, we are raising awareness and educating people about environmental issues through the Fresque du Climat workshop.

We train our teams in life-saving techniques through a certified partner, leading to a government-recognised certificate.

We also train our staff in fire risk management through a certified partner.

Our reference framework

and areas of action

As a member of Lorenz & Hamilton, a French group specialising in human resources consulting, data and digital technologies, ADEO research also subscribes to the CSR strategy and reference framework proposed by our head office.

Our Group’s CSR policy is structured around 3 priorities and 11 areas of action:

Ressources Humaines


  • Developing quality of life and well-being at work
  • Promoting diversity and disabilities
  • Enhancing employability
  • Remunerate fairly


  • Reducing our energy use, emissions and waste
  • Facilitating sustainable mobility
  • Raising awareness in our teams


  • Anti corruption
  • Respecting human rights
  • Promoting CSR to our clients
  • Protecting data

Our Group adheres to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, as well as the principle of digital responsibility for its IT activities.

Progressive audit (CSR), evaluation (Ecovadis) and certification (ISO) procedures are being carried out at holding company and Group’s entities level, with the aim of stimulating improvement in our day-to-day actions.