Our added value

Our value proposition

Generalists AND specialists :

We are generalists because we conduct searches for all professions and all sectors of activity.

We are specialists because we understand all the challenges involved in identifying and attracting the right profile.
We analyse all the criteria, both favourable and unfavourable, of the search: how visible the talent is, what the best way to capture their attention is, how attractive the pitch is, what the keys to the final transformation into an appointment with our client are.
We never leave out the sometimes limiting factors of research.

Our know-how

Methodology, innovative tools, targeting.

We are convinced that an innovative approach combining the effectiveness of digital tools with human expertise is the key to successful recruitment in an ultra-competitive talent market.

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we don’t just wait for professionals to come to us. We actively seek them out where they are.

Our working method is based on a proactive, targeted approach that enables us to reach the best talent, even where it is hardest to find. We use innovative tools based on the latest digital technologies to map the market and identify the most promising profiles. We leverage our historical expertise to ensure that each candidate is a perfect match for our clients’ initial brief.

Thanks to this rigorous approach, we are able to offer highly effective recruitment solutions, with precise targeting of the market and accurate selection of profiles.

The benefits? Strategic insight, concrete results and a significant reduction in the time and resources invested.

With ADEO research, our clients are backed by the most cutting-edge talent to lead their companies to new levels of success. They don’t just follow the market : they shape it.

Our 4 golden rules

We believe in the power of initiative and resilience to achieve our goals and satisfy our clients.


Boldness is our driving force – we’re not afraid to push the boundaries and explore new paths to find the best specialists on the market. We’re constantly ready to think outside the box to identify opportunities and seize every chance to scout for exceptional talent.

Adeo valeur tenacité

Tenacity is our motto – we never give up. We are determined to persevere, even in the face of the most complex challenges, until we find the perfect profiles for our clients.


Realism is our guide – we are pragmatic and concrete in our approach. We know that every opportunity must be seized with intelligence and discernment, using the most appropriate tools and adjusting our strategy to the specific requirements of each assignment.


ADEO research is a partner that never shies away from a challenge to help its clients find the best professionals on the market. With our team of highly dedicated and determined experts, our customers can be confident that every effort is being made to achieve their recruitment objectives.

Our 4 golden rules

Recruitment is a delicate process requiring sensitivity, discretion, conviction, integrity and dedication.


Discretion guides our every step, enabling us to navigate the complexities of the job market with subtlety and delicacy.


Each job hunting assignment is treated with the highest respect for the complete confidentiality of the information and for each of the parties involved.


We approach every recruitment project with deep conviction. Our dedication to our clients and our passion for our profession drive us to go beyond expectations, defending their interests with strength and determination.


Every interaction and every discussion is marked by the unfailing integrity at the heart of our relationships.

As a loyal and devoted ally, ready to put all its expertise and energy at the service of your success, ADEO research is your trusted partner.

  • « Recruitment is the language of beautiful matches » ( Grégoire Lacroix )
  • « Recruitment is the language of beautiful matches » ( Grégoire Lacroix )

We like it!

Challenges and complex projects. Facilitating great relationships. Making the perfect match!

We firmly believe in the power of great connections. Facilitating the perfect fit between a rare talent and a company seeking success is our primary motivation.

We are committed to building genuine and lasting relationships based on trust, integrity and mutual respect.

For us, making the perfect ‘match’ is about more than finding a candidate for a position. It means achieving a harmonious marriage between the sometimes distant, secret and even unexpected aspirations of a talent and the needs of a company. It also means creating a virtuous synergy that leads everyone to new successes.

We are living an exciting adventure in which every encounter brings us a little closer to fulfilling our vocation: converting contacts into opportunities, challenges into successes and ambitions into realities.