A name, a purpose


Our job is to find top-flight executives and business experts. Our method is direct approach sourcing.

In a short space of time, we are able to provide a rigorous selection of professionals who meet precise criteria, whatever the activity sector and the profession targeted, in France and all around the world.

We guarantee efficient, targeted recruitment and make it a point of honour to provide our customers with support and presence throughout the entire project.

The secret weapon of headhunting firms, we guarantee efficient, targeted recruitment and make it a point of honour to provide personalised, tailored support to our clients.


ADEO comes from the Latin ‘ad eo’ and means ‘to go towards’.

Go towards. These two words perfectly sum up our raison d’être and the promise we make to our clients.

Firstly, they mean that we are on perpetual move and constantly adapting to find the best talent on the market. They also reflect the ongoing communication we maintain with our clients to define their needs, work together to characterise one or more typical profiles, explain the relevance of the hunting actions that will be carried out, and finally report back.


Reaching out to people, meeting them, fostering links: for us, recruitment is not just about transactions, it’s an exciting human adventure. It begins with a quest and ends with a conquest.


Founded in 2006, ADEO research has quickly become a benchmark in the world of headhunting in France, thanks to its unique positioning the hunter’s hunter.

From the very beginning, ADEO research has been commissioned by some of the biggest headhunting firms in France and abroad. Our method, recognised for its effectiveness, has become an essential solution for saving precious time in identifying profiles with rare skills, whether they are recognised experts in their field or high-flying executives.

Over the years, ADEO research has been approached directly by companies, so much so that we are also sometimes called upon to speak to their Executive Committee or Management Committee.

Our approach is global and our know-how is unique.

The team

Our team is young, passionate and committed. They excel at taking the initiative, and have developed solid skills in deploying original approaches and proactive techniques to overcome obstacles that may arise during the search for the ideal candidate.

Our consultants are fully immersed in the challenges of each business sector and are always well informed about changes in the business. Driven by innovation, they appropriate the latest tools from new technologies, and this agility enables them to be more accurate and responsive.

Efficiency in the service of customer satisfaction is the leitmotiv of the ADEO research team.



Clients have already entrusted us.


Headhunting assignments.

300 000

Executives, senior managers and top managers have had the opportunity to be identified and approached by us for a career development project.

  • « The most beautiful vocation of man is the vocation of uniting men. » ( Antoine de Saint Exupéry )
  • « The most beautiful vocation of man is the vocation of uniting men. » ( Antoine de Saint Exupéry )


Our offices are located in Paris, in the 16th district, a stone’s throw from the Place de l’Etoile, so we’re close to our clients whether they’re in France or any other economic center.

Our workspaces offer a cosy welcome and guarantee the confidentiality inherent in our activity.

We are also in the habit of going to meet business leaders, wherever necessary, in a very short space of time.